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Profit Share

LTV (forecast)

Media buying

LTV model = money printing machine

AdQuantum LTV model

AdQuantum is your profit generating team

Full transparency and control
at every step

ROI is the only focus for each
$1 of marketing budget spent

The more our partner earns
the more AdQuantum earns

Unlimited ROI+ traffic acquisition
generates maximum profit

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IQ Option has been working with AdQuantum for almost a year and currently AdQuantum is one of our top traffic providers. We’re using LTV model based on user deposits and it works really well as we earn more money then we spend on marketing. We see significant month to month growth in user deposits and we highly recommended AdQuantum.

Artem Pachko — Head of Traffic acqusition

Joom started to work with AdQuantum on CPI basis. After getting familiar with our product AdQuantum offered us to work on CPO model. That makes less risk for us and helped to increase our revenue almost 5 times. Now we switched to LTVbased model and keep growing our revenue every month. They are driving significant amount of traffic from Facebook, Adwords and DBM and have leading position in the top of our traffic providers, that’s why we’re choosing them as one of the first companies for trial launches in new markets.

Jurijs Ivanovs — Board Member

RedRockApps and AdQuantum are partners since March 2017. We admire partner's ability to meet our goals and work independently, taking minimum of our time. AdQuantum shows a high level of responsibility and absolute readiness to solve any problems.

Ruslan Guzelevich — User Acquisition Manager

IQ Option

traffic sources Google adwords, Google Admob, Google dbm

approachStarted with CPO model, Switched to LTV Profit Share, Worldwide targeting


Switched to LTV Profit Share model
Ad Spend >$100K a month ROI positive




traffic sources Google adwords,
Google Admob,
Google dbm

approach Started with CPO model, Moved from CPO to LTV, CPI $2 - 50, GEOs Worldwide, Unique traffic strategy for each GEO


Daily Installs 6,000

The percentage of paying users increased by 2.4 times in key channels 238%

After transition to LTV model of cooperation the LTV of product itself increased by 40%


Walking for Weight Loss

traffic sources Facebook,
Google Adwords,
Google Admob,
Google DBM

approach Worked on CPO model
Period January — June
CPI $0.1 — 1
GEOs — Worldwide
Unique traffic strategy for each GEO
Day-to-Day Optimisation


Installs: 219,909

Unique purchases: 4,134



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